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Welcome to Doggiesite - the online community for dog lovers in Singapore.

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It's been a long time since this website was last updated. The last update was some time in 2007, so it's been more than 5 years!

So much has happened in the last 5 years. After Brandee left us in April 2007, Leica followed in February 2010, then Kennie in June 2012 and finally Dino in January 2013. Sounds like we are very experienced in losing the dogs, but it certainly did not get any easier with each departure. Each one was still as devastating and tragic as the previous one. Brandee, Leica, Kennie and Dino are dearly missed and will forever stay in our hearts.

4 minpins and a chihuahua

Zuiko, Kennie, Brandee, Leica, Dino

Now, Zuiko is still around. She's got a pretty bad heart murmur that you can easily detect simply by putting your ear on her chest. It was diagnosed in 2007 and she's on heart medication since then. She's still going strong and hopefully she will stay with us for as long as possible.

Regarding the forum, we have not been maintaining it and I think it's pretty quiet. There are thoughts to discontinue it.
We have a FaceBook page, and you can join us there if you would like to.

Doggiesite would like to urge all responsible pet owners to

  • spay or neuter their pet dogs and cats

  • microchip or ID tag the dogs and cats

  • not breed their dogs and cats

  • send their dogs for training

  • not abandon their dogs and cats

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