In memory of Baby

Baby (May 1989 - 22 April 2001)

This page is dedicated to Baby the Chihuahua.

Jazz and Jeff Chua:

Dear Baby,

You have bring us joy and bring us happiness. You remain faithful whlie we are at work. A peacemaker when we quarrel & a comforter when we cry. You love to squeeze with us on the bed and we love to hug you alot. We know you are a brave girl who bear every pain you go through. Behind you, you left a sweetest memory. Please come back to us. We pray for you that you will be reborn to be our 1st born girl so that we can be together forever. You will alway remain in our hearts. Mummy cry for 2 days without food wanting to be with you. It really hurts both of us to see you go.

Rest In Peace baby.

Daddy & Mummy love you forever



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