In memory of BeBe


BeBe (Dec 1999 - 19 May 2002)

This page is dedicated to BeBe.


I have him since he was three months old (Dec 1999). At that time, he was still a small puppy. Having him has changed a great deal of my life. To me, he was my everything. All those who knows him or have seen him before recognized him because he wears sunglasses. It came as a big shock when he suddenly died.

It was on the 19th of May 2002. My girlfriend and I were looking forward to the big walk. We brought our dog along. Along the way, we were walking happily with our dog. However, when we were near the finishing line, BeBe suddenly was not able to walk. We had to carry him all the way back. At the resting point, Bebe shows no signs of any sickness. So we thought he was purely tired. However, when we were at our lift landing, BeBe suddenly struggled and whines. That is when he suddenly left us at 12 PM. I was very shocked. Verdict : Heat Stroke.

BeBe, after all these years of taking care of you, bathing and bringing you down to poo, you left us just like that. I really regretted bringing you to the big walk. If only I knew. And you were only 2 1/2 years old. If only I could turn back time L

Be assured that my girlfriend, family and I will remember you with the rest of our life.  Hope that you will be happier wherever you are.


Your Daddy.



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