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In Memory of Curly


(Jul 1989 - 13 May 2003)

My beloved son, Curly,

If only you could linger for a moment to see
how my heart bled when you had to leave with Pa for his home in Heaven;
If only I could suffer all your agony & discomfort before your little body had to give way...
Although I know that your illness and "pain-pain" are no longer,
I can't help but wish that you are still by my side.
If only you could "kiss Mummy" once more and I could tell you 
"Mummy loves Boy-boy best" once again....
"Boy-boy bed" would always be ready for you, my baby dearest.
Nobody could ever take your place in my heart,
and my love for you would always remain constant, in life or death..
Thank you for your unconditional love & attention..
I know that you will show me the way when the time comes for me to join you, Pa and your lovely wife, TengTeng at the Rainbow Bridge....

Love U forever,

Ma, Wendy, Joan & your daughter, Bibi send their kisses to you too.

Rainbow Bridge

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