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Girl Girl (Feb 1997 - 20 Apr 2002)

This page is dedicated to Girl Girl.


My wife and I are surprised that there is another dog at Rainbow Bridge with the same name as ours that passed away just one day before ours.

Girl Girl is a Cross Promeranian. My wife found her abandoned near her office and brought her home. At first I was very hesitant to have a dog with us. But Girl Girl managed to charm me and win my heart over. She was our constant companion, esecially when we are watching television. Whenever I am doing my work at the computer, she would keep me accompanied. And whenever my wife works late she would wait for her to be back before she goes to bed. She never fails to greet us at the door when we are back from work.

This year my wife started driving. We began to bring her along for joyrides. Initially she was not used to traveling in the car. But soon she managed to get use to it and love going out with us for car rides.

Girl Girl left us suddenly. We are sad and still miss her very much. Though we may not have been a perfect pair of owners, we wish her peace and happiness at Rainbow Bridge.

We have also set up a memorial homepage for Girl Girl at:

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