In memory of Girl Girl


Girl Girl (7 Feb 1997 - 19 Apr 2002)

This page is dedicated to Girl Girl a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


My dog just passed away on the 19th april 2002. Girl Girl, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was born on 7th Feb 1997 and my poor baby is only 5 yrs old. She left me so suddenly that i was completely shocked and of course, sadden by her death. I have  been like a surrogate mother to her eversince she came into my life 5 years ago.. 

i'll always cherish those quiet time we spent together. and all those nights that she will cuddle up besides me. she is ever so faithful and loyal to me that both of us are overwhelmed to see each other again whenever i have to leave home for days due to work commitment.

i admit that sometimes i do get impatient and cross with her when she sometimes pee indiscriminately, intentionally or otherwise, or seek attention by scratching me. i always thought that i have all the time in the world to play with her coz she should have lived to the ripe of old age of at least 10yrs. but little did i expect her to leave me so soon! i miss her terribly. i suspect her cause of death is related to the Cushing's Disease. i really hate myself for not being by her side when she leave me for the rainbow bridge. it breaks my heart to know that she died alone. i just wished i could at least hug her when she's leaving. i'm sorry my girl. I would appreciate if you would include her in the Rainbow Bridge page. thank you



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