In memory of Lucky

Lucky (Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 23 August 2002)

This page is dedicated to Lucky.

This is Lucky, my miniature dachshund.
He was with us from 2nd August 2002 - 23rd August 2002.
Although the time he spent with us was short, he will always be remembered by mummy & daddy.
We never thought that he would leave us just as fast as he joined us.
We will never know what kind of pain or agony he went through during his last breath.
We never even got a chance to hug him for the last time.
The day we sent him into the hospital, we expected to see him well again soon.
But what we got was a phonecall telling us that he was gone, after just 2 days.
We will never forget the day we sent him to the hospital, he has just learnt to climb up the stairs.
We had in mind to teach him so many things, bring him to so many places.
Now, wherever he is, we just want to let him know that we really missed him greatly.



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