In memory of Nano

Nano (unknown - 17 October 2000)

This page is dedicated to Nano the Yorkshire Terrier. Nano the brave little doggie, he was wandering on the street before being run over twice by a bus and a taxi. Jackie rescued Nano and sent him to a vet. With all dog lovers' prayers and the vet's special care, Nano tried hard to fight the cruel fate. But he left us on the 17 October 2000. Check this page out for more about Nano.

Jackie and Janice:


Where ever you are right now, i want you to know that. Janice and i had not detest you because you aren't a normal dog, infact we really love you; dote you. We try every ways and means to make you comfortable during your stay in Janice's house; although it's a short one. [4 days to be exact]

You had brought happiness and laughter into our lives, ever since we met you 17 days ago.
You are such a brave dog, i can tell how much you want to be on your four legs again.
You have come so close, we are really proud of you; your countless attempt to stand up and walk again. The countless times that you had fell.

Life is so unfair to you, abandoned by your previous owner, straying around the street, lastly ran over by a bus and before we can shower you with all the love and concern you deserved; you are infected with tick fever.

Nano, please do forgive me for signing the paper to put you down. It hurts me alot to see you suffer too. You are a very special dog, i will not forget the times we played with each other; do you remember, i winked my eyes at you and you winked back. That was the most wonderful time i had, you really make me happy.

I will never get a dog as 'kuai' as you. Nano, i want you to know that you will always be remembered deep in our heart.
We really love you, Nano. Yes we do!!!

Jackie & Janice



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