In memory of Pepper

Pepper (1 Dec 1999 - 30 Dec 2000)

This page is dedicated to Pepper the Chihuahua.


Pepper died tragically in a car accident on 30 Dec 2000. Pepper died because I put him to a pet sitter instead of a pet boarding place. I thought a pet sitter would be better as he would be still in a comfort of a house instead of being locked up in a kennel. However I was wrong. Pepper run out of the pet sitter's house ( i think he missed me and was trying to look for me) and was knock down by a car while trying to cross a road.

What has happened has happened. I believe it was a bad decision made by myself. And i have indirectly caused the death of my beloved Pepper.

But i would like to share my experience with that they would be more careful in selecting their pet sitter. A pet sitter should be someone ur dog be familiar with and comfortable with. Someone who is responsible. If not it would be better to put ur dog in boarding kennel as they are more professional and safe.



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