In memory of Prince

Prince (Missing since October 2000)

This page is dedicated to Prince a Collie.

Prince's owner:

This is the story of my dog, Prince.

Prince was a very special dog. He meant so much to me. I loved his beautiful colors, the way he sat so regally...Like a prince. I loved how he would sleep at the foot of my bed, how he would jump three feet in the air when I got home from school.

I just don't understand how someone could be heartless enough to take him away from me.

I always loved seeing my Uncle's Shelties. Princess, Hannah, and Prince. I remember when I first saw Prince, he was so scared of everyone. He was a pretty "gangly" (as some would say) little puppy, with pretty long legs. He was just a puppy, but he was already bigger than Princess, who was an adult. I remember exactly how he looked when I first saw him. Short puppy hair, perked up ears flopping over at the top, a really confused and even a little scared look on his face. Even though Prince would run away when we went to pet him, I got it into my head that I would make friends with Prince. I must have been pretty determined because by the time we had to leave and go home, I could hold Prince like a baby in my hands. I wanted Prince so bad, after the loss of my old dog Mon Amie, I really wished we could find a dog like Prince. I wished I could just carry him home with me.

We ended up getting a border collie/sheltie mix named Penny. She was old, and had lots of health problems that we "accidently" didn't get told about. She didn't want to be picked up, she would wine all night, she was in heat because her previous owners never got her spayed, she was living off McDonalds hamburgers, and she had kidney stones. Oh, and this "young dog that loved children" was ten years old and bit people. We needed to find a home for her; an older couple with no kids would probably suit her best. The funniest thing was that a few minutes after I commented "Why can't we just find a good Prince?" My Uncle called us, asking if we wanted Prince! He said he had gotten over the standard size and could not show him. Of course, we said yes, as soon as we found a home for Penny. I was finally getting Prince.

When we went to pick up Prince, we took him to the pet store to buy him some food, a bed, etc. He was pretty nervous about all that. When we took him to our house he was all the more nervous. I remember putting him on the couch and doing my homework...and Prince fell asleep. That must have been the click in, because after that Prince never wanted to leave my side. He slept with me, he followed me everywhere, and I loved him all the more. The dedicated "protecter" of our home, forever Prince.

Prince was starting to grown in his coat, at about 2 years old. Prince had a scab-like something on his chin, we figured he might have scraped himself somehow. He was scheduled to go to the vet the day I came home from school to find my dog gone. My Mom had been letting him out for a half hour to go to the bathroom and play outside every day. On the day he was supposed to go to the vet, he disapeared from our backyard. If you have never had your dog stolen or lost you don't know what it feels like. It is the most awful feeling ever. Worse then them dying. Because you don't know what happened, you don't know where they are, you don't know when to give up. Prince was gone. A big piece of my life was stolen…Just like that. I don’t know how someone could be so cruel, to steal such a wonderful thing—For money. Because of greed. Who could stoop so low is a mystery to me. I keep reading about this dog theft ring in Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky. It hurts so much to think of where my baby might be right now. My life has changed completely the past two years, ever since my boy disapeared. I remember all the wonderful times we had together, all the memories. I can’t take a drive in the car now without looking out the window and hoping to see a glimpse of sable, white, and black fur coming out to greet me. I can’t sleep at night wishing that I could see him turn that corner, and come back to me. He comes to me in my dreams, but never for real. I wish I would have never woke up. What if someone DOES have him now, and is selfishly keeping him, even after seeing the posters put up so many times all over the place? When he dies, if hes not dead already, will I be able to cross him to rainbow bridge…or will someone else.

I love you Prince.

"I'm already there..."

These are the chorus lyrics to a song that really made me think of my Prince. And that he IS "already there". With me forever.

This is the chorus lyrics to I'm already there by Lone Star

I'm already there...
Don't make a sound
I'm the beat in your heart
I'm the moonlight shining down
I'm the whisper in the wind
and your imaginary friend
can you feel
the love that we share
because I'm already there

We may be a thousand miles apart
but I'll be with you
wherever you are

I'm already there
take a look around
I'm the sunshine in your hair
I'm the shadow on the ground

I'm the whisper in the wind
And I'll be there untill the end

Can you feel
the love that we share
for I'm already there

...For I'm already--There...

I know you are here with me Prince. My beautiful angel. I love you so much, wherever you are.

Lauren and the Wonderful pets:
Devo the Labrador/Whippet/Your-best-guess rescue mutt
Mickey the Norwegian Lop Imposter (Rabbit)
(Who says one ear up and one ear down ain't stylish?)
JuJuBee the escape artist golden hamster "Hamdini"

Summer the yellow Parakeet (Budgie)
Baby Blue the blue parakeet (Budgie)

Gone but not forgotten:
Prince the Sheltie; Missing since Oct. 2000
I miss you my beautiful boy. :(
Buddy the Sheltie; Back home with his sheltie friends
Rosie the Rosette Guinea Pig
Snow White the Rosette Guinea Pig
Daisy the Fancy Hamster
Sandy the Fancy Hamster
Huckleberry the Dwarf Hamster
Elf the Eskie; I wish I could have saved you. :*(
Mon Amie the Bouvier Des Flanders--Victim of BYB
And for Spanky the Labrador/Shepherd mix
So much dog in that black labbie coat.

I love you all, and I will not forget you..
...Till we meet again...



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