In memory of Teri

Teri (Adopted 17 Mar 2001 - 24 May 2002)

This page is dedicated to Teri.


teri died of kidney failure. it is in terminal stage.  she was in arc since 21/5/02 afternoon, alternative treatments were given in the hope that it is not kidney failure, but she did not response to these treatments.  Dr Jackson at ARC told me i have to make a decision this morning (24/5/02) and Teri did it for me, for she knows that i couldn't bear to.

Teri, thanks for making the decision for mummy. but u made mummy feel bad for not being with you when u go.  Mum and dad will always remember u and cherish the moments together. although shortlived, but quality togetherness. Do come back to visit us or in any form, cos i will definitely know it's you.

Teri, u will be remember by mummy, daddy, papa, mama and two-legged and four-legged friends.




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