In memory of Tiny

Tiny (11 May 2001 - 2 May 2002)

This page is dedicated to Tiny.


Tiny (11th May 2001 - 2nd May 2002) is a smooth coat Chihuahua. He was my 26th birthday present from my hubby and definitely the best present anyone could ever ask for.

We fell in love with him instantly when we first saw him. It was love at first sight. He was friendly and lively, with an innocent and angelical expression. He was simply lovely. Every night, we would tug him in bed with us because we know how much he loves snuggling close to us.

Tiny was more than just a dog. He was like a son to us. We love him with all our hearts and pamper him in all ways possible. Mutually, there is a special bond between us. He seems to understand what we say and how we feel. He was a special part of our life and heart. I feel that I had failed him somehow because I couldn't save him. We were heart-broken by his sudden departure.

However, we are really glad because we know that we had given Tiny the happiest ten months in his life. We know that he knew how much we love him and we know how much he loves us.

To our beloved Tiny: "We will always love you. You will always be our precious little angel and live in the most special spot in our hearts.

With all our love,
Irene & Bernard.



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