Best Remote Dog Training Collars

Last Updated on January 6, 2023

Dogs are definitely lovely animals, which is why many people consider their pet dogs parts of their family, and deservedly so because of the loyalty, companionship, and discipline canines have shown over the decades.

The thing is, as great as they may be, they need proper training before they become suitable for homes for the safety of humans around them, especially children, and themselves.

There are different ways to train your pooch. What you need is a remote dog training collar and the proper knowledge of how to use it. You will be glad to know that there are easy ways to access these things. Check out this guide to know more about remote dog training collars and the best options to get.


What are Remote Dog Training Collars?

Remote dog training collars, also referred to as e-collars, are devices attached to dogs’ necks just like regular collars. The main difference is that they are equipped with electronic mechanisms that issue a small amount of stimulation to give your pooch a little nudge.

Some people tend to shy away from these devices because they think it is a form of cruelty or abuse, no thanks to the malicious misconceptions about e-collars, particularly as some refer to them as a shock collars.

The truth is, e-collars simply mean electronic collars, referring to the fact that they are collars with electronic systems. Are e-collars the same as shock collars? The honest answer is yes. Is using it abusive or cruel? The answer is not essentially.

Given this, keep in mind that electronic collars, e-collars, and shock collars are essentially the same thing. They are specifically designed for training through conditioning and reinforcing desired behaviors. It does so by delivering a tiny stimulation perceivable by dogs to encourage good behaviors or discourage bad behaviors.

What many animal lovers should know is that they come with intensity levels. Low settings are typically used for dog training. In fact, training collars aim not to elicit a strong reaction to the collar, but only a mild annoyance. What it does not do is give an electric shock that aims to hurt or incapacitate them.

Think of it as a little tap on your shoulder or as a small vibration from your phone to get your attention. You can look at it as something equivalent to tugging at their leash whenever they get distracted while walking.

In the hands of a responsible owner, an e-collar is a great tool that keeps your pooch safe, especially when exploring the Great Outdoors.


Are Remote Dog Training Collars Safe to Use?

One thing you need to learn is that the key to the safe usage of training collars is an owner that knows how to use them. You want to make sure that you know how to operate the device before attaching it to your dog’s neck. Of course, you should also know how your pet reacts when hurt, stressed or annoyed.

Another thing you should always do is to check the device before equipping your dog with it. It is also important to check the remote, and whether it has enough battery to operate smoothly and avoid any glitches.


How to Train Your Dog with Remote Training Collars

Training your dog with these electronic devices need a lot of effort on your end, from looking for the best remote dog training collar to studying how to properly operate the device.

To start training your dog with these devices, the first step is to get a collar that you feel comfortable with. The key to finding the right one is to look at your options and evaluate how the features of each go well with your fur parenting style and preferences as an operator.

Once you get your hands on the collar, the first thing you should do is to give it a try by placing the contact points onto your hands, setting it to the lowest level, and activating the stimulation. You will probably barely feel anything, and that’s the ideal place to start. After all, humans are more sensitive to sensations than dogs, so they will feel something less than what you felt.

You want to make sure that your dog understands that the collar comes as part of their daily life. This way, they will not resist and be more comfortable wearing it.

From there, start activating the stimulation from the lowest setting up until you elicit the right reaction. You want to see a bit of annoyance or confusion from your dog and no signs of being hurt. If they tuck their tail or go ears down, then the stimulation is probably too much.

Training your dog using an e-collar works just like any conditioning method. Make sure that they know the basic commands such as “come,” “sit,” and “heel.” Then, practice doing things with these signals in increasingly distracting places. Use the remote controller to issue stimulation when they don’t obey.


Top 9 Remote Dog Training Collars to Check Out

Now that you know what you can do with a dog training collar and how to safely use such a device, you are ready to one for your pup. Here are some of the best products to check out.


Dogtra 1902S 2 Dogs Remote Trailing Collar

highly rated


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This offering from Dogtra is one of the most versatile remote dog training collars out there as they come with 127 training intensities that are suited for canines.

The stimulation levels can also be customized to provide a Momentary Nick, Constant stimulation, or High-Performance Pager. It also comes with Vibration-Only operation modes to ensure minimal stimulation when needed.

One of the best things about this product is it comes with a safety system that filters stray signals to minimize the possibility of other devices interfering with the signals between the collar and the remote controller. This way, you are sure that your pooch is safe and


  • Suitable for large dogs
  • Remote controller with LCD Screen
  • IPX9K Waterproof


  • Can be complicated for newbies


Garmin PT10 Dog Device Red Collar

highly rated

garmin red

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Garmin PT10 dog collar is one of the best choices for dog owners who are yet to try e-collars for their pooches. These come with long and short contacts, which is ideal for animals with short and long fur. Plus, the contacts are equipped with insulation to ensure optimal operation even in moist environments.

One thing that makes this unique is its BarkLimiter feature, which uses Advanced Bark Correction technology to minimize your dog’s vocalization when needed. This device works within a one-mile radius, making it useful for adventurous dogs.

The number of dogs you can train with this device depends on the controller you purchase. Worry not because you can easily pair this with the right remote transmitters such as the Garmin PRO 550, PRO 70, and Sport PRO.


  • Can be paired with different controllers
  • Great for dogs with long and short fur
  • Equipped with BarkLimiter


  • Controller purchased separately


E-Collar ET-300 ZEN Collar with PetsTek Dog Training Clicker

highly rated


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The E-Collar ET-300 ZEN is a complete set that comes with an e-collar and a remote, which makes it a convenient choice. The remote dog training collar aptly called the Mini Educator, is designed to address your dog’s behaviors humanely with the help of the PetsTek Clicker.

It comes with settings that can be customized to cater to dogs, even those that are more sensitive to stimulation and sounds. You can modify the intensity of the tone and vibration to a level that suits your pooch. It has 100 levels to select with 60 boost levels.


  • Comes with a collar, device, clicker, and dual charger
  • Adjustable straps allow a comfortable yet snug fit
  • Unique clicker design


  • Clicker can be bulky


PATPET Shock Collar for Medium Dogs

highly rated


check price


If you are looking for a collar that fits dogs ranging from 10 to 130 pounds complete with a charger, then this is your best bet. This reliable device comes with lasting battery life, so you and your dog can use it for extended periods. Should you need to charge it on the fly, you will be glad to know that it has quick charging capabilities.

This e-collar is pretty straightforward. It comes with 3 training modes namely tone, vibration, and stimulation. The sensation is nothing too strong as it only has up to 36 intensity levels, which is enough for normal to enhanced training.


  • Complete set with tone, vibration, and stimulation
  • Remote can be used for two dogs
  • Has a safety switch


  • Remote controller is not waterproof


Garmin Sport PRO Bundle

highly rated


check price


Garmin is one of the most reliable brands for outdoor gadgets. You will be happy to know that it has an offering that comes with a kit containing a collar and a controller, which can be used to train up to 3 dogs.

With a rugged design, you know that this set is definitely for the outdoors. Plus, it is equipped with beacon lights for low-light environments.


  • Multiple training modes with different levels
  • Can be used on three dogs


  • Extra collars are sold separately.


MAISOIE Dog Training Collar

highly rated

Maisoie dog trainer

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This option is a great choice for those wanting a lowkey collar that is accessible yet effective and functional. It comes with all the features of a premium remote dog training collar but at an affordable price.

It comes with detachable contacts, so you can use short and long probes depending on your canine’s fur. It also has 3 training methods that can be adjusted from 0 to 99. This way, you can train using a beep, vibration, or stimulation as needed.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy access intensity dial
  • Long operation times


  • Only IPX7 waterproof rating


Asrcs Dog Training Collar with Remote

highly rated


check price


Another affordable option is Asrcs Dog Training Collar with Remote. This easy-to-operate option has everything a standard e-collar has. It has adjustable modes, long-lasting charge, quick charge, water-resistant rating, and a flashlight.

What sets it apart is its slightly bigger LCD and four-button operation controller, making it easier to operate. The collar device also comes with soft contact probes for your pup’s ultimate comfort.


  • Standard e-collar features
  • Comfortable contact prongs


  • Only IPX7 rating


SportDOG Brand Contain + Train Add-A-Dog Collar

highly rated

sport dog

check price


A more premium option is the SportDOG brand. This collar can be used as an additional training system alongside the brand’s in-ground fence and FieldTrainer.

Just like other e-collars, it has three modes of operation to reinforce your Contain + Train system. It is programmed to receive signals only from the brand’s remote controller for your dog’s safety.


  • Premium built
  • Works with SportDOG pet training systems


  • Remote controller not included


PetSpy P620 Extra Receiver Collar

highly rated


check price

If you are looking for additional collars for a PetSpy controller, then this is your best bet. It comes with 3 training modes namely tone, vibration, and stimulation. The sensation is nothing too strong as it only gives enough stimulation for normal to enhanced training.

Plus, the collar device is waterproof and floats in case it gets detached while in water. It covers a 650-yard, which is a considerable span even for curious canines.


Final Thoughts

Electronic collars are great for reinforcing good behaviors in your pooch. Now that you know the best remote dog training collars, you can decide which one suits your style and needs the most, and start training your beloved canine.

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