Best Natural Dog Treats In 2023

Best Natural Dog Treats


It’s already 2023, still, pandemic and many of us are still staying home with our pets and working from our home office. Our doggies love it since they don’t have to be without us all day. If you are reading this, you probably love a good healthy snack, and now you are looking for options for your pet. So let’s see what our options are.

To keep your dog healthy, the best is to switch to natural dog treats! There are so many out on the market, we did some research and decided to put the best-rated natural dog treats in an easy-to-read format, so you need less time to find the right one for your pooch.

If you are looking for “dog treat recipes” you can find a couple of ideas below which you can try today!

Healthy Dog Treats For Your Friend

You may be thinking, “Don’t I just have to give my dog the treat? Why do I need a how-to lesson?” Well, the reasoning is straightforward: dogs aren’t aware of their diets as they choose to eat as they like, so to keep your dog lean and healthy you need to know what you are doing.

If you keep giving your dog the usual amount of regular food and start adding natural dog treats, you may jeopardize your dog’s health. To avoid that while keeping your four-legged friend happy and comfortable, rebalance the dog’s diet by following these rules.

If you are training your dog, use healthy treats for motivation: this is one of the oldest tricks in the book which makes the whole process smoother and more fun.

Giving your dog the nutrients they need is crucial, which is why natural dog treats are crucial for their health. Let’s explore what kind of healthy dog treat is right for you below.

High-Quality Ingredients Dog Treats

Natural dog treats come in all shapes and sizes. While it may feel overwhelming, you will find the right one for your pup! It may take some time to consider the options, but finding the right one is well worth it. Here is a short table of the ones we found were the best rated:


Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats check price
The Pioneer Woman Grain Free All Natural BBQ Style Cuts check price
Greenies Original Petite Natural Dental Dog Treats check price
Blue Buffalo Health Bars Natural Crunchy Dog Treats Biscuits check price
Nutro Crunchy Natural Biscuit Dog Treats check price
Nudges Natural Dog Treats check price




Here is the good news: even though dogs prefer the carnivorous diet, they can eat some fruit, too.

Yes, your dog can eat some fruits! Be careful, though: you have to make sure you’re not feeding them ones that may harm them.

Apples and watermelon are fine but do break them down into small pieces and remove the seeds and the watermelon rind completely.

Strawberries and bananas can also work as treats, but their high saturation with sugar makes them unsuitable as regular-basis treats. Rather, save them as tasty treats for the times when they do something special (like successfully performing a hard trick).

Resins and grapes should be avoided for all breeds: they may induce renal failure.

fruit dog treats check price

About Fruitables

  • Contains 1 Five Ounce Bag of Each: Apple Bacon, Pumpkin Berry, Pumpkin Mango (15 Ounces Total)
  • Amazing aroma and irresistible taste in each treat. Chewy treats in a size perfect for small dogs and training
  • Only 3.5 calories per treat! No wheat, corn, soy, or artificial flavors or colors
  • The perfect size training treat for all life stages and a great low-calorie snack for puppies and small breed dogs
  • Produced in the USA with High Quality Globally Sourced Ingredients

check price

About Pumpkin Noochies

  • Immunity support! Beta-glucans naturally occur in foods, and specific types of yeast beta-glucans, the ones in Pumpkin Noochies+, have been clinically proven to help support the immune system.
  • All-natural source of fiber! Pumpkin, obviously! Pumpkin is an excellent source of soluble fiber, which is key to maintaining healthy digestion and firm bowel movements. By absorbing water, soluble fiber helps to “bulk” stool, thereby minimizing diarrhea.
  • Great taste! Vermont maple syrup: Did you know that maple syrup is packed with naturally occurring minerals such as calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium? And it is also a good, natural source of antioxidants!
  • Nutritional yeast: A complete, sustainable, protein containing 10 essential amino acids. Also known as “nooch,” it is also loaded with beneficial B vitamins and minerals. B1 plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy metabolism. B2 supports immunity. And B9 helps with brain development.
  • Environmental packaging! Our plastic comes from recycled water bottles!
  • Certified Organic!




Green beans or peas are good vegetables for starters. Green peas are the easiest, whether fresh or frozen, to start your dog.

Do not season the vegetables because you never know what exactly goes into them (and you can bet a lot of it is unnatural chemicals).

You can cook green beans or peas, as well as broccoli, for your pup to enjoy.  The fiber from the unseasoned veggies will be good for your dog!

Do not feed your dog leeks or onions (and no garlic, either).

Cooked sweet potatoes are a great idea for a dog treat with the added benefit of staying edible for several days. Raw potatoes are out of the question, though.

If your dog does eat something they shouldn’t have, contact your vet or a 24/7 animal poison helpline immediately.

check price

Dog Treat Recipes

If you have the time, you can create tasty treats for your dog! These healthy dog treat recipes are delicious, and you’ll get all of the extra dog love for making these.


Chicken Dog Treats At Home

Does your dog love chicken? Then these are a great way to keep chicken in their diet!

  • dice a cup of chicken
  • add a half-cup of cooked rice and a few tablespoons of rice flour
  • one egg,
  • one tablespoon of parsley.

Cook it for about 25 minutes and don’t forget to let it cool down before you try it.

Dog Biscuits From Scratch

Make some healthy dog biscuits from scratch!

While combining peanut butter and beef broth may not appetizer you, your dog will burst with excitement when they taste your homemade dog biscuits.

Why spend money on pre-packaged dog biscuits when you can use your own ingredients to make a special tray of treats for your loving dog?

Treats For Diabetic Dogs

Does your dog have diabetes? If so, you probably feel nervous about all of these other recipes. However, there is one good recipe for your diabetic pup!

You can use whole wheat flour, some beef liver, and two eggs to make this one. When combined, it is not only tasty but also nutritious.

Always Keep an Eye on Your Dog (and the Ingredients)

Your dog’s demeanor will let you know if a treat doesn’t sit right with them. It is important to keep an eye on the dog so that you know if the treats you are giving them cause adverse effects.

For certain dog treats, take a look at the ingredients list. That goes for your natural dog treats as well. Like humans, every dog is different and has different preferences or food needs for its body. Here is a great one we found with no added sugar:

check price


About Really Natural

  • Only 4 Ingredients, No Added Sugar! Ingredient List: All Natural Oat flour (from Whole Grain Oats); Peanut Butter, Blueberries & Chia seed
  • Crunchy, tasty, easily digestible 5 calorie treats support blood sugars with fewer fluctuations – from low glycemic, high fiber Whole Oats AND Chia Seeds
  • High Omega-3 Chia lowers cholesterol, slows down digestion & promotes healthy bowel movements – making them perfect for ALL dogs – particularly diabetic, overweight & senior dogs
  • Human edible treats are made in a facility subject to FDA / USDA regulation and inspection (like YOUR food). For GUARANTEED ANALYSIS, see back label photo or Important Information section below
  • About 65 generously-sized cookies per 8 oz package; each treat is about 1.25″ tall, 1″ wide, 3/8″ thick. Each 5-calorie heart-shaped treat is easily snapped into two 2 1/2 calorie treats for reward-intensive training sessions

Choosing A Healthy Dog Treat: Final Thoughts

Choosing a healthy dog treat for your dog is so easy and convenient! You may find yourself saving money that you would spend on processed dog treats because you chose natural dog treats. Furthermore, your pup’s health may improve due to healthy dog treats.


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