Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

Basic Dog Training

Pets are the right form of companionship that can be described using words like honesty and integrity. They are always there when you need them the most, and things tend to be lurking on the bright side of life. Out of the various kinds of pets that people love to own, dogs tend to be the top favorites. When it comes to being loyal, dogs might even go a step further than humans. Due to that, people would always love to own a dog and have it around most of the time. Apart from that, there are numerous things that you can teach to have more fun. So, grab onto that cute munchkin and start teaching it these commands.


The most basic command that anyone would like to start with is to make a dog sit. This is easy, and most dogs tend to obey accordingly. The best way to start this task is by holding a delicious treat next to your dog and moving it through different angles so that the little fellow can follow you. Once, he/she is in position; you need to say “sit” and give the treat.


The down command might not be as easy as the sit command since there are high chances that things won’t go as planned. For this task, you need to bring another delicious treat because the fellow deserves them all. Once the treat is in place, you need to make sure that he/she follows the treat wherever you take it. By doing so, you need to slide your hand at the right pace making his/her body to settle down. Once he/she is in position, you need to say “down” and give the food.


If your dog is an expert with the sit command, then the stay command will work like a gem. So you need to start by saying sit. Once your dog is in the sitting position, you need to start moving backward. You need to increase your steps based on the results of this experiment. If things seem to be working, then give him/her a treat and a hug for coming into your life.

Leave It

This is one of the essential commands that you can teach your dog because they tend to maneuver on unknown grounds. By finding something new, they start sniffing and biting, not knowing the dangers of the situation. So, you can start this command by placing two treats on both hands and covering one of them by saying leave it. Through time, the little fellow will give up on one treat as a result of your command and will learn to leave it. Although teaching these commands is helpful, you should also provide them with the right kind of freedom.


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