How To Choose A Name For Your Puppy?

How To Name Puppy


Here is a quick guide for those wondering how to choose a name for your puppy.

Have you recently got a new puppy? Congratulations! Once you welcome your new dog to their new home, the first thing on the agenda is to give them an appropriate name.

The options out there are endless, but before you settle on a moniker for your newest and furriest member of your family, you need to give it some serious thought.

It may seem rather obvious and of course, you wouldn’t choose a name you don’t like but think about how often you are going to have to use your dog’s name. Anytime you take it to the park, let it out when nature calls or when you want it to stop in its tracks and drop those delicious cookies you’ve just caught it trying to steal.

Therefore, it needs to be a name you feel comfortable using – whether out in public or while in the comfort of your own home.

Consider Names With No More Than Two Syllables

Dogs find longer names harder to understand and it can be a bit of a pain. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to call your dog ‘Benedict Cumberbatch’ every time you want him to come back to you? No matter how sexy you think the Lord of the Rings and Sherlock star is, that is too big.

That’s why people tend to choose names like Charlie, Buddy, Bella, and Ruby. They are easy and quick to say. However, a word of caution…

Try To Think Outside The Box

It is best to try and avoid the most popular names for dogs when choosing one for your new puppy. Why? There is a strong chance another dog owner will have chosen that name for their canine chum and if you ever head to the local dog-walking park or take your furry friend anywhere and there is another dog with the same name, it could get very confusing.


How To Choose A Name For Your Puppy Based On Looks And Appearance?

Even when you take the above into consideration, there are still plenty of options out there when it comes to naming your dog. Some people like to base it on the personality and looks of the dog. For instance, for a happy and boisterous dog, you might choose something joyful like “Cheery” or “Happy”, whereas for a dog with a diminutive stature, “Shorty” or “Spot” are great options.


Other Tips For Naming Dogs

Don’t be afraid to be creative and have a sense of humor because often you can get away with choosing names that are the opposite to your dog’s personality and appearance. For example, a rottweiler might suit a cute and cuddly name like “Tiny” or even “Baby”, and for a chihuahua, you could opt for something like “Warrior” or “Beast”


Naming Them After Family Members and Friends

Another option is to name your dog after a family member or friend. However, you need to be sure the person you are naming your dog after is going to take it in the right way. While your Grandpa Marvin might appreciate you named your dachshund “Marv” after him, your Aunt Molly might not like you named your spaniel after her.

There are not really any right or wrong options, if you avoid causing any offense, don’t mind shouting the name out in public and your dog takes to it.


Do you have other tips on how to choose a name for your puppy we didn’t mention? Make sure to share it in the comments!

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