5 Best Gloves for Dog Walking in the Winter – Highly Rated In 2023

Gloves for dog walkingThere’s nothing like spending the day with your dog going on long walks and playing along the way. During the warmer months, you can even stay for as long as you like and even take the most scenic routes without a problem. However, when the cold winter months come rolling in, this is another story altogether.

Those who live in colder climates or have to deal with winter know that walking dogs in this weather can be a bit of a challenge. After all, you’re not just dealing with an excited pup, but also wading through snow and everything that comes with it.

Having the right gear ensures that you are well-equipped to walk your pup even in the harsh weather. A pair of trusty dog walking gloves can help you level up your wardrobe during the wintertime. We have rounded up five of the best dog walking gloves that will keep you warm and snug while walking your dog.

Learning How to Choose the Right Pair of Dog Walking Gloves for You

Provides a Firm Grip

A good winter weather glove that’s designed for dog walking should undoubtedly have good firm grips. With the cold and wet playing in this weather, chances are you may easily let go of your dog’s leash and lose track of where they may be.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, securing yourself gloves that have traction or that offer a steady grip will lessen your chances of allowing your dog to dash off.

Gives Warmth and Coziness

Let’s face it. The wintertime is already challenging as it is, especially keeping your hands warm and snug against the cold. Be sure to find gloves that warm your hands even while walking your dog. If you happen to live in a place that’s a bit colder than some, you might want to go for a pair of dog walking gloves that have more insulation.

Other Necessary Features

Protection from the cold is usually non-negotiable, but for those who want to use their gloves for other purposes apart from walking their doggies, you might want to look for other features. These include being fully waterproof, having longer cuffs to keep the wind out, or even having touchscreen-compatible features so you can use your phone without having to take the gloves off.

Scroll down below and find out the best dog walking gloves that will keep your hands warm and make your walks with your pet more comfortable and enjoyable than ever.

Best Overall Pair of Dog Walking Gloves:


isotoner Women’s Gloves

highly rated

Isotoner Dog Walking Gloves


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When it comes to ticking all the boxes, the best dog walking gloves on our list is by Isotoner and it comes as no surprise as this offers the protection you need and more. Made from stretchy spandex material, these are designed to offer free movement and flexibility at every turn, perfect when you’re running and playing with your dog.

This pair also has a soft and fuzzy fleece lining to provide maximum warmth and comfort. To complement this, it has a pull on closure to secure the glove on you even when you do stay active. Vegan leather patches are also placed strategically on the palm and finger areas to help you grip the leash better while looking good at every angle.

This has a 4.7-star rating out of 5 stars from 4,957 ratings. Reviewers say that these gloves are well-made and the material is stretchy enough that it can go from one activity to the next. Apart from driving, it can even be used for driving as well. These gloves are pretty snug, too, making them deliver on multiple fronts.


  • Comes in three neutral colors
  • Comes with fleece lining for a cozier feel
  • Spandex material ensures maximum movement
  • Machine washable


  • Cannot operate touch screens or phones with this glove
  • Only one size that fits most hands is available


Best Touchscreen Gloves:


Isotoner Women’s Gloves with Smart Touch Technology

highly rated

Dog Walking Glove Touch screen

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If you love taking photos of your precious pet, having touchscreen-ready gloves are a must, especially if you want to capture the picture-perfect moment. The isotoner gloves equipped with smart touch technology lets you do just that. The fingertips that have this technology make it easier for you to use your devices without difficulty while keeping a tight leash on your dog with its faux leather palm strips for a secure grip.

The synthetic leather strips make for a great grip and it has SmartDri technology to keep the water and the cold off the gloves, even making the water roll right off to keep you warm and dry through and through.

For an extra toasty feel, these gloves are fitted with a soft fleece material and plush lining that feels luxurious as you slip it on. While you may think that the fleece makes it kind of bulky, you would be surprised to know that these are made with a sleeker fabric that still looks chic and classy. Plus, you can move with ease thanks to the four-way stretch it gives.

A pull-on closure makes it even simpler for you to pull these gloves tight even with another gloved hand. Available in seven colors, the isotoner gloves will keep your fingers warm and toasty while out for walks with your dog.


  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Smart touch technology allows you to operate your phone without taking off your gloves
  • Warm and waterproof
  • Can be used for walking your dog or other everyday activities


  • Only available in one size
  • Should only be air-dried after washing


Best for All Types of Weather:

FTEOX Winter Gloves

highly rated

Ftox Dog walking glove

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If you are looking for something to wear in the cooler months that are just as compatible in the milder weather, these gloves from FTEOX fit the bill. Made from a blend of soft, premium, and flexible fabrics, these are stretchy and lightweight and will allow you to do just about every activity you can think of. From dog walking, cycling, hiking, driving to cleaning out the yard, these are all-around gloves that help you move without much effort.

These gloves are made with a soft fleece lining to keep you warm in the winter. As if those are not enough, these gloves are fitted with a silicone design on the palms of the hand to provide a non-slip experience and superior grip, allowing you to hold not just the dog’s leash, but also your phone.

Speaking of phones, these gloves can also interact well with your device since these are made with touch screen technology that makes them compatible with different touch screen products. These gloves have a reflective surface at the back of the hand, an added safety feature you’ll appreciate when you take nighttime walks with your pooch.


  • Different glove sizes available for a better fit
  • Unisex design makes it applicable to be used both by men and women
  • The reflective feature adds a level of protection
  • Comes with an anti-loss buckle for a snug fit


  • Only comes in one design


Best for an Extra Strong Grip:


LECEVOCY Winter Gloves

highly rated

Lecevocy Dog Walking Gloves

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Those who walk their extra excited pets or bigger dogs know the struggle of having to constantly deal with the push and pull that can happen. Thankfully, this pair of gloves from LECEVOCY is up for the challenge and provides a great grip with its silicone material that fully covers the palm and the fingertips. With this, you can say keep up not just with your energetic dog, but also hold the steering wheel or phone tightly.

The gloves from this brand are also touch-screen compatible. As a matter of fact, all of the fingers are equipped with highly sensitive and conductive material so that you can easily interact with the surface of your touch screen devices.

For added warmth and comfort, these gloves are insulated with 3M Thinsulate inside polyurethane leather. With its elastic cuff that perfectly wraps around the wrist, these keep out the cold wind while still allowing you to slip your hands easily. Lightweight, waterproof, and breathable, these gloves have these all.


  • Palms are made with anti-slip PU leather and silicone material
  • Gloves provide flexibility, warmth, and breathability
  • Different glove sizes to choose from


  • Only one colorway is available


Best Multipurpose Gloves:


HEAD Women’s Hybrid Gloves

highly rated

Walking gloves

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The hybrid gloves from HEAD are the best for all seasons. It is windproof and warm at the same time, with its fleece lining and insulated panels working together to bring you comfort and coziness even while walking your dog in the cold.

Made from a mix of nylon, spandex, and polyester, these gloves offer flexibility and versatility. These are also stretchy and lightweight. This is a great choice for dog walking since each glove has a nonslip material on the palm of the hands.

With its range of features and offerings, these HEAD hybrid gloves make for the most solid everyday glove whether you’re walking your dog, running your errands, driving around town, or running your miles.


  • Touch screen-friendly
  • 2 sleek colors to choose from
  • Sleek and lightweight material


  • Come only in the smallest size


Final Thoughts

The best dog walking gloves are the ones that can meet all of your needs. With the cold and wet weather just around the corner, being prepared with the right pair of gloves can keep you safe and warm.

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