Waterproof Dog Beds

As a fur parent, giving your doggie the time of their lives is always a priority. This is why owners get only the best for their dogs, from the most nourishing and appropriate food to the most premium toys and chews. This way, owners can ensure that their pups live healthy, happy, and comfortable lives.

One of the most important things to prioritize when it comes to sealing your dog’s comfort is to get them the right sleeping space. You want to make sure that they stay comfortable throughout their rest while looking for ways to keep the area clean and free from harmful dirt and bacteria.

If you want to give your dog a comfy and sanitary place to sleep in, you might want to check out waterproof dog beds. These sleeping areas for your doggie have a lot to offer, as long as you know how to use them well. Interested in finding out the best products? Check them out below.

What are Waterproof Dog Beds?

Before spending some dough on these things, you might be wondering: What do they mean when they say waterproof dog beds? The most straightforward answer is that they look just like any regular dog bed, except they do not absorb moisture when exposed to liquids like water and pee.

So, imagine your doggie’s bed right now, except it is not water absorbent. That’s exactly what a waterproof dog bed is.

Now keep in mind that there are different types of these products. Some are made from any regular dog bed material such as foam but are covered in waterproof coverings. You need to decide which one is better for you and your doggie, especially as you will be the one managing their cleanliness and health.

In many cases, these come in mattress-type materials with a zip-on cover fabric cover that has waterproof features. Others also come in a plastic lining that prevents the porous material from getting in contact with moisture.

Some are made of materials that are waterproof themselves. Some examples of these waterproof options are hammock-style beds for dogs made from water-resistant fabrics or raised mesh.

Advantages of Using Waterproof Dog Beds

Given the name, you might think that waterproof dog beds are all rainbows and butterflies, and for the most part, it’s true. If you have a problem with your dog playing around with water or uncontrollably releasing their bladder, then these bed options are great because this is their main strength.

Aside from these, you will be glad to know that some of these sleeping products for doggies have several other advantages. Here are some of them.

Ease of Cleaning

One of the best things about these options is they are easy to clean primarily because of their waterproof capabilities.

For beds that use waterproof fabric coverings, the easiest way to go is to wipe them down every time you see them get wet. If you are ready for a deeper clean, you can simply remove the cover and wash it with soap and water.

Beds that have plastic linings offer similar convenience. You just need to remove the absorbent cover from the mattress, then wash the fabric and sanitize the plastic lining. Meshes and hammock-style materials also simply require washing.

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Quick Sanitation

Another thing you will like about waterproof dog beds is that you can sanitize them with minimal effort, but only if the top layer of the bed is not absorbent. If you have beds with waterproof covers or are made of waterproof materials, then you can definitely enjoy this benefit.

As mentioned, you can easily wipe down the product whenever your dog accidentally urinates or spills its drink on it. Just make sure to use sanitation products that are dog-friendly to avoid exposing your doggie to harmful substances.

Wet wipes for dogs are a good option as they not only sanitize the surface but also dry quickly, so your doggie can enjoy their beds as soon as possible. Keep in mind that any products for humans, even for babies, are not suitable for pets, so make sure to get products made specifically for dogs.

Offers Comfort

You want to make sure that your doggie’s sleeping place is not only hygienic but also comfortable. After all, they will be spending hours upon hours of their time on this bed. The good news is that you can definitely find products that offer comfort to your beloved pet.

What you should remember is that the level of comfort of the bed you choose should depend on what your doggie likes.

If your dog loves soft and options, then those mattresses covered in waterproof coverings are your best bet. If they prefer a bouncier choice, then a hammock-style sleeping is what you should get.

The key to getting the right product is to observe what your doggie likes. You might want to bring them to the store to give them a taste of what the bed has to offer and see if they like it before buying.

Disadvantages of Using Waterproof Dog Beds

While waterproof dog beds have a lot of good things to offer, it is wise to remember that some of their features may come as a setback. Here are some disadvantages you and your doggie might encounter.

Some May Not Be So Easy to Clean

For some types, you can easily clean the dog bed with minimal effort. However, you might encounter options that remove this feature. How? Some do not have zip-on coverings, so you have limited options on how to deep clean the bed.

So, if this is going to be a problem for you, then you might need to find dog beds with removable coverings.

However, if you are willing to compromise cleaning time, then this can be an excellent choice, given that you get the right product. Some of the options with non-removable covers are covered in premium materials that are not only waterproof but also soft and comfortable.

Not Comfortable Enough

In the same vein, you need to remember that limited options minimize your dog’s choices. Say, they love a good cave-like bed, but you cannot find one with waterproof features. You will need to choose a different type that has this quality.

The same thing is true if your dog does not like hammock-style beds or mattress-like beds. Your dog might need to compromise, or you might need to improvise in order to give your doggie the best experience.

Not So Many Varieties

Having said the things above, what you need to know is that while dog beds in general have a wide variety you can choose from, waterproof options can be pretty limited because waterproofing is a special feature in itself.

However, you will be glad to know that you have some options to convert a regular dog bed into a semi-waterproof one. You can purchase a waterproof mat that you can put on top of a crate or some type of a niche to serve as your dog’s new waterproof bed.

You can also find waterproof coverings for your doggie’s existing bed. This way, you do not have to worry about purchasing a new one.

Do Dogs Like Waterproof Beds?

Now that you know some of the most important things to consider when thinking of buying waterproof dog beds, you might be wondering if your doggie will like such options.

You will be glad to know that canines are bound to like these sleeping products because you have comfy selections. The key is finding a bed that would be big enough and comfy enough, then giving your dog some time to adjust to their new bed.

When Should You Get a Waterproof Dog Bed?

If you are deliberating on getting a waterproof dog bed, you should stop and think about why you are doing so. There are several reasons why you and your dog might need a moisture-proof bed. Here are some of them:

Your Dog is Mischievous

Dogs are loved by many because of their playful nature. Some of the most active ones tend to run and play around the house. This can lead to accidents such as your doggie spilling their water into their bed.

This not only creates a mess but also a breeding ground for bacteria that can harm your dogs. Remember, these microorganisms love moisture, and they will settle in a wet dog bed if you don’t dry them out sufficiently.

If you observe this kind of behavior from your dog, you might want to get a waterproof dog bed for extra measure. This minimizes the need to dry out the bed, so you can focus on creating a comfy and safe place for your doggie.

Your Dog is Prone to Accidents

It is no secret that some dogs accidentally urinate in an inappropriate place when they get excited or scared. While the best way to address accidents is to train them more, so that you can prevent them instead of letting them happen, you need to remember that your canine might still have accidents while training.

The best way to go is to get them a waterproof bed to minimize the problem. Meanwhile, make sure to train them or hire a professional dog trainer to help them get past this issue.

Keep in mind that some dogs may repeat the behavior at times and when this happens, there might be something else going on in their body.

Your Dog Has a Medical Condition

One of the first things you should do if your dog pees the bed is to consult a veterinarian, especially if this is not their normal behavior. There might be something wrong with the urinary system that is causing them to pee in inappropriate places.

Make sure to describe the behavior to the vet to give them a clearer picture of what is going on. You should also be ready for additional procedures such as laboratory scans which are used to verify the existence of such medical conditions.

Washing Beds is Taking So Much of Your Time

Lastly, if washing your dog’s bed is taking so much of your time and energy, then your best bet is to get a waterproof dog bed. This way, you do not have to worry about washing every single incident.

You can simply wipe it down with a dog-friendly sanitation solution, and you are good to go. Just make sure to address the cause of the problem, so your dog can lead a wonderful and healthy life.

The Bottom Line

Dogs need a comfortable, safe, and healthy space to sleep in and you can give it to them by getting waterproof dog beds. With these products, you not only get to address the issue more efficiently but also help your dog live the best life.

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